Friday 24 May 2013

Creation of the eBook

Journey of the South Downs Triple
eBook on Kindle
Picture by Anne Dickins
I like crazy goals; they are challenging, inspiring, engaging and demanding.  Physically exhausted from my South Downs Triple, another epic ride was simply not practical.  I'd never written a book before, I had no clue about creating a manuscript or how to get it into print, but that's what I decided to do.

During the winter months the words slowly came together with the help and advice from some friends.  On reflection that was the easy bit, making it available for others to read was a whole new ball game.

Finally the 'Save and Publish' button was clicked on Kindle and the following day the ebook 'Stay Away from the Buttercups' was born.

It is not intended to be another 'self help' book on achieving goals, but it does describe some of the methods used to accomplish an outrageous task.  I thought I would be riding the South Downs Triple alone under the careful eye of the support crew.  However social media came into force where 100's of people watched me on line and at least 30 people specifically came out to see me.  To show my gratitude, these extra supporters are incorporated into the book.

It was a wonderful ride and a fantastic challenge, if you are thinking about taking on a crazy goal I hope the book gives you an insight on how to make it a reality.