Stay Away from the Buttercups

South Downs Triple

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Photographs © Anne Dickins, Mike Anton, Judy McNeil, 
Steve Golding & Richard Sterry
Reproduced with kind permission

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Richard Sterry
South Downs Way

The South Downs way in the South of England stretches 100 miles 
between Winchester and Eastbourne.
SDW Start - Eastbourne
SDW Start - Eastbourne

Judy's first task; to show the timing clock at Eastbourne.  The countdown begins.

The Olympian in the family
Charlotte Cooper 1870 - 1966

The Olympian in the family

Climbing up Bury Hill
Nice Bike
Leg massage by Anne at QECP

Pit stop
Winchester for the 1st time
1st leg completed in 10:08 hours

And Back

Mulburys Pub
Anne preparing the lights at the Mulburys pub.  

Getting ready for the night riding included; fresh helmet & gloves, bike lights, insect repellent and replacement batteries for the Garmin GPS and the Samsung Phone.

SDW pit stop
Support crew waiting in the fog at Firle

Cows on the SDW
The heard of supporters

South Downs Way
Focused at Firle

And There Again

Eastbourne - South Downs Triple
Bike check by Judy
Medical check by Jerry
Sanity check by Simon
Ditchling Beacon - SDW
Ice cream at Ditchling - Thanks Roy

MTB South Downs Way
Descending Newtimber Hill

Richard Sterry
Supporters at Saddlescombe
South Downs Double record holder
Josh Ibbett & Dr Jerry