Monday 30 April 2012

Beyond the South Downs Double

Where do you go after the South Downs Double?  Why does everyone stop at 24 hours?  These questions have been in my mind for a while.  To quench my appetite for more, I'm going to go that extra mile, well actually an extra 100 miles.  I'm taking on the South Downs Triple.

3 lengths non stop of the South Downs Way encompassing 300 miles and over 30,000 feet of climbing.  All this in a target time of just 36 hours.  Oh yes, I mustn't forget the 288 gates to negotiate.

The months of training are nearly at an end where currently I'm finalising all the logistical details required for such a feat.  Support has been fantastic from AQR coach Kate Potter and physio Anne Dickins.  The planned date is sometime in June 2012.

More information will be published here on this blog and updates will appear on Twitter @Hillburner
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