About Me

Following a period of 15 years with no exercise, in 2003 I decided to take up cycling at the age of 37. Joining Redhill Cycling Club for their weekly MTB rides I improved my fitness and skills to manage 20-30 miles each Saturday. 

Back in September 2008, I set my mind on the South Downs Double. It was twice the furthest I had ever cycled, and a challenge only for the elite where just 4 top riders had achieved this goal.  Seeking expert advice and setting out a rigorous training programme, I achieved something amazing in 2009.

Enjoying the racing element and 24 hour riding, I was delighted to gain 6th place at the 2011 European Solo 24 hour Championships, Exposure 24.

Stretching my goals further in 2012, I took on the South Downs Triple.  300 miles of the South Downs in a gruelling 37 hours.  It had never been attempted before, so I rode into the SDW record books with this incredible ride.

What next? Let's wait and see ;-)

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