Friday 24 April 2009

Setting out for the South Downs Double

In previous years I have increased the stakes moderately for my cycling challenges, where this year I am going for something truly amazing. Steve McDermott said in his book ‘How to be a Complete and Utter Failure’ When setting SMART goals, instead of using the A and the R to mean Achievable and Realistic, have one or two goals that are Awesome and Ridiculous!

The South Downs Way stretches 100 miles from Eastbourne to Winchester incorporating 10,000 feet of hill climbing. Many keen cyclists have ridden the off road route over 2 or 3 days with the extremely fit managing it all in just one day. For the last 2 years I have completed it in just 1 day.

My goal is to do the Double where I will ride non stop from Eastbourne to Winchester and back. The 200 mile epic journey has only ever been completed by 8 riders with just 4 top athletes finishing within 24 hours. Following intensive training since October and buckets of determination, I want to see if I can achieve something truly outstanding. The date will be sometime in June or July depending on an appropriate weather window.

Riding solo all through the night and most of the following day has its challenges. Concentrating for 24 hours whilst pedalling up the relentless hills and going through nearly 200 gates will be extremely mentally and physically tough. Exposure Lights have provided a set of powerful lights to help me during the long dark hours. A Forever Young fitness trainer, specialising in endurance cycling events has prepared my tough training programme. The work for the support crew is being planned with military precision, and Sauce Consultancy is providing publicity and equipment.

I am raising money for the British Heart Foundation and this is where we need your assistance. This ambitious challenge deserves all the support you can give for such a worthy cause. Please visit to be part of the success.