Sunday 19 February 2012

It's All New

The new 29er bike is wonderful.  The carbon frame of the Scott Scale makes it super light and the big wheels just keep on rolling.  Thanks to Petra Cycles in Oxted for their friendly service.

Discovering that it is not possible to get 29er Slime tubes in the UK, Slime very kindly sent me a couple of their tubes.  For me, using Slime is very reassuring as it has saved many punctures.  On a few of occasions I’ve heard the hiss of air as a thorn penetrates the tyre.  Within a couple of revolutions, the hole is plugged as I continue riding.  This is a real tube and time saver, especially in race conditions.

Nectar Fuel
Always on the look out for new things, I was delighted to be contacted by the For Goodness Shakes people to try their Nectar Fuel.  It comes in a liquid format pumped from a container or in a sachet, making it very easy to mix.  The sweet taste is fine for short races where I would need something containing protein during a longer event.  In the couple of times I’ve used it so far, it has given me the extra burst I needed. Within
Last week I read a book for the first time since 2003.  It was an enjoyable and moving experience on a subject that is close to my heart.  Rob Lee wrote ‘Endurance Within’ where I had the opportunity, with others, to help him get it to print.  Rob outlines his cycling career and describes some of his epic rides.  His South Downs Double was of particular interest where our preparation techniques in organising our own SDD rides were at opposite ends of the spectrum.  He describes his emotions during the epic rides in an honest way, that for me put some of my feelings into words.  There are not many athletes that have the courage to be so open where it gave me more of an insight into myself.  Thanks Rob.