Saturday 4 December 2010

Bring on the Snow

Snow covered the ground in abundance whilst Reigate Hill was littered with abandoned vehicles.  This gave the perfect excuse to go for a ride. 
The 6-12” deep powdery snow flared up from the wheels covering our feet and the bikes like ‘clean mud’.  Pedalling down hill was a novelty making any forward movement hard work.  Balancing skills were honed with the front wheel often going into opposite lock as we remained upright.

The sights were fantastic with untouched snow covered trees decorating the white carpeted trails.  With only a handful of dedicated walkers and no other cyclists, we had the hill to ourselves.  The quietness in the air created a serene atmosphere in the near black and white world.

Stopping off at the Sportsman pub for a bite to eat, we warmed ourselves by the open file with warm mulled wine.  Resisting the temptation to stay there all day we headed back out into the white stuff.

Descending the hill on the steep chalky path from the monument was awesome.  The thick snow on the chalky slope provided all the traction we needed.

Dropping on to the snow covered roads we hopped over the speed bumps returning back to civilisation.  Travelling faster than the cars we made it home with no spills,  What a fantastic ride.

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