Monday 15 June 2009

The Final Countdown

The past few weeks have been full on with training and all the other preparations for the big ride.

The training has involved several back to back long rides, many on the South Downs Way to familiarise myself with the route. Thanks to my detailed documentation compiled from loads of photographs, I can now ride the whole route from memory without referring to the signs, a map or a GPS. Eating on the go is second nature after finding the right foods to give me energy without upsetting my stomach. Paying close attention to my heart rate monitor I can pace myself for endurance rides whilst maintaining a planned average speed.

John Twitchen from Sauce Consultancy has worked wonders with Louise Poynton from the Surrey Mirror. They produced a full page article about my preparations for the South Downs Double. Page 49 on 11th June 2009. The fundraising is over £800 where we would love to raise more money for the British Heart Foundation. Please visit to help us in the success.

The bikes will have a full service this week so they are in tip top condition for the 26th. Hopefully I will just need one bike where the other is a spare. The remaining items of equipment are coming together for the support crew and me. The car will be quite full with all the food, drinks, clothing, bike bits and other items required for the 24 hours. The next week or so will be spent finalising the details and easing off on the training.

Thank you to everyone who has stumped up the cash to sponsor me or who have provided support and encouragement. Roll on the 26th so I can get out there and do it!


  1. Good luck Richard - an awesome undertaking, and for charity too! Respect,


  2. Hi Richard! Well done on completing the Double in less than 24 hours. I met you on the SDW a couple of weeks earlier on the way to QECP. I managed the 100 in 10:35 and was the fourth to finish but am in awe of the Double. It's a real wind-up that JustGiving have been unable to make their site work. I'm sure it's hit both our fundraising efforts (it crashed again just now when I tried to donate) but it doesn't detract from the enormity of the accomplishment. Nice one!