Saturday 15 October 2011

Summer Trails In October

‘Why was I wearing shorts?’ My legs screamed as the icy cold air tore through their muscles.  Leaving home early, I promised them they’ll thank me later once the sun comes up.

Taking it easy up Reigate Hill, there was an air of expectancy; I was going to have a good ride.  The weather forecast was good, the trails were dry, and I had recovered from a heavy gym session earlier in the week.

Overlooking Reigate from Coley Hill, the mist covered the quiet sleepy town with only the brave venturing out this early.  The sun’s heat stared gently onto the grazing cows.
Veiw from Colley Hill
Tearing across Banstead common, I could tell this was going to be a fast ride.  The Kenda Small Block tyres lapped up the dusty trails, gliding effortlessly as the trees rushed by.  I needed to slow down as this was a base training ride.  Although the temptation to speed was immense, I focused on going as fast as I could whilst maintaining a low heart rate.

Linking up with Stane Street, then over to Norbury Park, I picked up a few newly discovered trails and headed up to Ranmore.  The sun was now in full blaze as it poked through the trees in the woods.  Descending the steep South side of Ranmore, the fallen leaves covered the trail obscuring the roots, gullies and rocks.  I was knocking on the door of Fear whilst opening the window of Adrenalin as I hurtled down the track.

Finding a suitably steep route to get back on to the ridge, I leg it over to Newlands Corner with my average speed slowly rising.  Making the turn at the A25, I head back exploring a slightly different way to Ranmore. 

Squeezing in an extra loop, I clocked up 40 miles as I arrived at Bocketts Farm for a well deserved cuppa and piece of Tiffin cake.  Its never going to be as good as my Mum’s Tiffin but it’s just the ticket to see me home before lunch.

The final 10 miles was a long slog with lots of climbing.  Crossing over Reigate Hill I charge down the other side to get home.

With 50 miles in the bag, this was an excellent training ride in preparation for the Solo World Champs in 2012.  More on this later...

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