Monday 20 December 2010

2010 Full of Firsts

When was the last time you did something for the first time? In 2009 I stretched myself to complete the South Downs Double, and in 2010 I’ve achieved many more things for the first time. Here are a few;

* Visiting a gym was a new experience in January. I must have enjoyed it as I’ve been back 139 times.
* Pilates was something quite new at the gym where I’ve balanced (in)appropriately during 60 classes.
* Regular Spinning classes kept my legs active during 68 sweaty sessions.
* Training with weights was quite alien for me in January, now I can pump the iron!
* The Body Pump class killed me on the first session, now I am able to live through it.

* A Health MOT gave me an amazing score of 94%, what happened to the other 6%?
* Discovering my low cholesterol level was a relief, more cakes please.
* Measuring my VO2 max was interesting as it was appropriately high

* Snowboarding in February was my first adventure into winter sports. I’ll leave the black runs for my son Dan.
* Entering the TrailBreak ride in Reigate with Dan showed me how good at mountain biking he is, beating most of the adults in his category.
* Setting out the route markings for the TrailBreak event was surprisingly therapeutic.

* Racing as a pair for the Muc-Off 8 was a different concept to my usual solo events, giving me a rest after each lap!

* Riding a fixed wheel bike at the Calshot velodrome felt like going round a massive berm. Winning a 30 lap race showed me it was more about tactics than brute force.

* Completing a 100 mile ride solo and unsupported was a first for this distance. I also knocked 90 minutes off my best time for the South Downs Way. Why do I keep riding this same route?

* For the first time after a 12 hour race, I was wanting more. Set2Rise was great in May after the mud had solidified.

* Taking a MTB skills course was a revelation. You can teach an old dog new tricks. I've finally managed to ride confidently with no hands on the bars.

* Using gas to inflate tyres was invaluable during races and long events. Why did I struggle with a pump for so long?

* I finally resigned to creating a Twitter account, which proved really informative when following riders progress in MTB World Championships.

With so many new accomplishments, I wonder what I will do for the first time in 2011? I've yet to sell something on eBay and learn how to bleed brakes.

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  1. Things always happen twice . Once in your mind and second in the real world. Once you have thought it you are at least half way there. What's happening in your mind then Richard:-) what ever it is , you have almost acheived it already:-)